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Share Your World – January 23, 2017

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

I am a Nutri- Bullet fan. I love the fruit/vegetable cocktail that you can create. I also like Cranberry Juice and Pineapple Juice from the store. Fresh fruits…there are not many I like having around but bananas and apples are my favorite.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I was born in Wyoming…Billy Creek was the place I spent my first 8 years of my childhood. It was located clear out in the country…30 miles from any town. So playing by the creek, eating watercress and just enjoying the outdoors was wonderful. Then we moved to the big city of Salt Lake City, Utah…did not like it there…we were only there for a short time and then my parents bought a house in Clearfield, Utah. It was a small town and I did enjoy it but missed my pet raccoon and dog we had to leave behind in Wyoming.  My best memories are from Wyoming.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

I didn’t have the greatest childhood. A lot of ups and downs. Good and bad. Could have been much worse so I am thankful for what the Lord gave me. I would have to paint some blue sky and sunshine yellow for the most part with shadows of browns for the low times. Throw in some wild flowers of all colors for the good times. My life has made me….ME. I like ME…. 🙂

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm.

I have a tendency to have anxiety issues…they are not fun but music and petting my cat helps. Going outside with my camera and taking pictures takes it completely away…I love the outdoors….so peaceful. Right now I have the winter blues…going to the pool and sitting in the hot tub is very relaxing. I wish I lived by the ocean because the sound of the waves and gulls soothes me. I wish I had a mate………….having someone who loves you and sharing in life I believe would cure my anxiety….LOL….but God hasn’t opened that door yet.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful for my life. Every day I wake up healthy and thank the Lord for bringing me to this wonderful town….this beautiful home that I bought….family here…new friends. Next week I am looking forward to more sunshine and less snow…making new friends…


The Daily Post’s Writing Prompt ~ It’s A Dirty Job

MLou's Photography Blog

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

In exactly 100 words creatively describe one moment when your mouth dropped open, chin hit the ground, and tears rolled down your face (figuratively or not). If you prefer to develop this into a longer post, that’s fine too!

I had seen the past years the dreaded “dog catchers” going around picking up “our” dogs (meaning we the people) and I cursed them. I prayed they did not exist. I hated control and being manipulated….told I had to get my dog a rabies shot. I had to license my dog. I had to keep my dog home in our own yard. That we should spay and neuter our dogs. Then they went to doing it with CATS! How absurd!

I lived in a small town. Large County. It consisted more of farmers and ranchers than anything really. Good jobs were…

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Fav Foto Friday #31

Fav Foto Friday #31  is an opportunity to share each Friday, on your own blog, one photo…or maybe even a gallery of some of your favorite photos that you have taken during the week, that make you smile or that was a great photo capturing opportunity…anything really!  And as photographers are often known to say, “The best camera is, the one that you have with you!”


Sunset at Antelope Island, Utah 2016


10 Things Girls Just Need to Hear

Find Your Worth In Something Greater


Being a girl isn’t as easy as it seems. The hair. The makeup. The boys. The ex-boyfriends. The struggle. The constant desire to please people. The world continually telling you how to act, what to do, who to be.

One can only take so much. It is hard to be a girl in a society that tells us “y’all need to look this way”, “act this way”, “sit at this lunch table”, and “be with this kind of guy”. We find ourselves continually letting the world control our view on ourselves, and never leave our worth up to the One who designed us.

But if you are a girl reading this, I pray you read these truths, find your worth in something greater than what the athletic guy thinks of you, and rest in how great your maker is.

  1. True friends don’t get competitive with their friends. Everyone has that one…

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God’s Letter to the Woman Who Thinks She’s Ugly

Priceless….YOU matter….YOU are beautiful!


Dear Daughter,

I know your thoughts. When you stand in the mirror and complain in your mind about how your “hair is too thin”, your “thighs are too large”, and that your “nose is weirdly shaped”– I hear it. I know your thoughts on your stomach and your pimples that seem to get only worse when it is your time of the month. I hear you complain about wanting a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk random people on social media who look like you wish you did. I hear you compare yourself to other girls. I even heard your tears that night the boy broke your heart and you thought it was because you weren’t pretty enough. 

I hear it all– and it breaks my heart, my child.

I know you think you aren’t pretty enough. But I did not create you to be enough…

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